The next service on roadmap – Analytics!

The next service planning - Analytics!

The work for the next service has been started. The idea is to implement simple analytics tool to compare issued loan amounts between different P2P investment platforms based on various filters.. Filters would be something similar what is already existing on the homepage. The value for the investor is that you can easily compare the performance of different sites based on historical data. Even though the historical data is not a good prediction of the future, but at least it gives an okay understanding, what might be happening in this case.

The first idea for the filters  


P2P investment platforms
Interest rate (range)
Loan period (range)
Buyback guarantee (Yes/Partial/No)
Currency (<- Only one currency can be selected at once
Chart type:

Bar chart:
Y- axis: Amount of the issued loans per day
– axis: Time (smallest unit is one day)
Needs to have a zoom function to display easily 1 day, 7 days or 1 month
Let me know your opinion, what do you think and do you see the value in it. Furthermore, let me know which platform should be the next on to added on our list:

Current platform list is:

Iuvo Group


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