June – Development update

June - Development update


Last month we got our MVP (minimum viable product) out to the market for you to try it, and for us it gave the great opportunity to gather some feedback. We think that being able to compare different P2P investment platforms in terms of available loan amount is a good function to get started. Thanks for all the early users and especially thanks for the good suggestions, what we have received so far. We have listened the feedback and based on the feedback we have formed our next steps. Let me write a short summary, what you can expect for this month.


Target was to launch the product and let you to try it as soon as possible, and therefore we compromised a lot what comes to the design. In order to fix these compromises, we are now designing a new layout for the whole web page, which will hopefully give it a fresh update. However, we still believe that the product first and then the visual image, but we got some spare time, so lets get hands dirty! 😉

What is coming out in June?

New functions

What comes to a new functions, the target is to launch two new functions this month, which are P2P News and Statistics. News will gather the most interesting and relevant P2P related news across the internet and aggregate them under piggybank site. The second function is statistics. We are currently on the process to implement more advanced charts in order to let you better compare the historical data of different platforms, and loan originators. The target is that thanks to the historical data you can make more holistic decisions, where to invest. 

And that’s not all! We have also started to plan the third function. We started asking how we can make this market more transparent and how we can get notified early enough if any platform we are using is undergoing any changes e.g. company reorganization events, insolvency events, changes in a management and so on. We are in discussions with a few external companies to provide this service through piggybank for you for free but it’s still too early to comment. More updates to come in a later stage, so subscribe for the newsletter and make sure that you know when something new is coming out. 



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